[Logwatch] RE: Kernel Error ?

David Vaughan dvaughan at am-a.com
Thu Jun 9 09:21:54 MST 2005

Ah this is a samba error, probably not related. Nevermind. I'll assume it's
something with the MSSQL server. 

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> From: David Vaughan 
> Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 9:18 AM
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> Subject: Kernel Error ?
> As of yesterday i started receiving the following error in my 
> logwatch 5.1 and am trying to figure out if this is related 
> to a recent webserver performance hit:
> ---------------------------------
> WARNING:  Kernel Errors Present
>    smb_lookup: find //PE failed, error=-5...:  10 Time(s)
> 1 Time(s): smb_add_request: request [08a0de80, mid=14619] timed out!
> ---------------------------------
> I'm googling now to hopefully come up with something, but if 
> anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it. Our webserver seems 
> to run fine except when it trys to pull in data from our 
> MSSQL server. It just hangs, times out. I'm trying to 
> determine if it's something on the webserver or something to 
> do with our MSSQL server.
> Thank you.


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