[Logwatch] 'http service' feature add request!

Asim Zuberi Asim.Zuberi.1993 at njit.edu
Fri Jun 10 06:59:26 MST 2005

Hi there --

I rely on the logwatch to analyze my system on the daily basis. And thanks
for providing us 
this useful tool. Great Job.

Is there a way following request can be added to the logwatch http scripts?
I have box to which
users login from web to access their emails. I capture the following
information into the 
access_log file.

#grep LOGIN /var/log/httpd/istrivial.net/access_log
LOGIN,nael,,05/31/2005 16:46:24
LOGIN,nael,,05/31/2005 16:54:40
LOGIN,nael,,05/31/2005 17:27:43
LOGIN,nael,,05/31/2005 20:47:14
LOGIN,nael,,06/01/2005 8:32:16
LOGIN,nael,,06/01/2005 13:10:46
LOGIN,nael,,06/01/2005 13:20:14
LOGIN,nael,,06/01/2005 13:23:16
LOGIN,nael,,06/01/2005 16:21:25
LOGIN,nael,,06/01/2005 16:24:15
LOGIN,mona,,06/01/2005 22:50:46
LOGIN,dhingra,,06/01/2005 23:59:59
LOGIN,dhingra,,06/02/2005 0:00:31
LOGIN,dhingra,,06/02/2005 10:13:23
LOGIN,dhingra,,06/02/2005 20:45:33
LOGIN,nael,,06/02/2005 22:02:43

I don't know `perl` to write the code myself and contribute to the
community. Sorry.
Can some help?


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