[Logwatch] 'http service' feature add request!

Bjorn L. bl_logwatch at mblmail.net
Sun Jun 12 10:55:16 MST 2005

Asim Zuberi wrote:
> Is there a way following request can be added to the logwatch http scripts?
> I have box to which
> users login from web to access their emails. I capture the following
> information into the 
> access_log file.

It appears that the output is something you've added, as
opposed to output created in the default http service.

I think one of these three options would be simplest:

- extract the LOGIN statements with a script in your
   favorite language and execute outside of logwatch, or

- create your own service to parse those statements
   inside logwatch, or

- have the program print out the LOGIN statements in a
   format more like the http log format.  It doesn't have
   to be the same - see conf/services/http.conf on how
   to modify the $LogFormat to use a different format.
   But some things, like the date format, need to follow
   the http convention, and it expects some sort of
   http-style request field.

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