[Logwatch] Logwatch and Samba

Brandon Laing blaing at vancoservices.com
Fri Jun 24 13:09:37 MST 2005

Hey all,

I'm having some trouble getting Logwatch working with Samba properly. 
Currently, I'm running a Fedora 2 fileserver that's using Samba 3.0.10. 
I have my Samba config logging to /var/log/samba/samba.log to keep 
things easier. Logwatch is running and is version 6.1.2. The problem is 
that I'm not getting any reporting at all on any of the Samba 
information. I've adjusted the /etc/log.d/conf/logfiles/samba.conf file 
to point to the correct file, but I still get nothing. The only other 
file I modified was the logwatch.conf file to reflect the level of 
logging I wanted to do, etc. I've done some searching around and, while 
rare, there have been others that have had issues in getting Logwatch 
working with Samba in the past, but I didn't have any luck in finding 
out why. So, I'm hoping someone on the list can offer some advice on 
what else I may need to do to get this working.

Any help on this will really be appreciated! Please let me know if any 
additional info is needed.


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