[Logwatch] Logwatch failing after update

Simon Matthews simon+logwatch at matthews-family.org.uk
Tue Jun 21 19:48:24 MST 2005

I am running Logwatch on a Gentoo Linux system. However, after a recent 
upgrade to Logwatch 6.1.2, it fails.

"dates" is not defined in %Logwatch::EXPORT_TAGS at (eval 10) line 1
         main::BEGIN() called at /etc/log.d/lib/Logwatch.pm line 2
         eval {...} called at /etc/log.d/lib/Logwatch.pm line 2
         eval 'use Logwatch \':dates\'
;' called at /usr/sbin/logwatch.pl line 37
Undefined subroutine &main::TimeBuild called at /usr/sbin/logwatch.pl line

Any suggestion on what might be wrong?


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