[Logwatch] Re: httpd.conf question

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Thu Mar 24 11:05:36 MST 2005

I posted a patch to this problem a week or two ago.  Somebody else also
posted one after the release of 6.0.1, but I've had trouble obtaining the
patch from the provided link.


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On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Marco Alberoni wrote:

> Hello, I have a doubt about the httpd script: in 
> logwatch-6.0.1/conf/logfiles/httpd.conf there are the following lines:
> LogFile = httpd/access_log
> LogFile = httpd/*access_log
> Clearly the second one "includes" the first one, because "access_log" 
> is one of the possible instances of "*access_log". In my opinion this 
> implies that the "access_log" file is parsed two times every scan. 
> What do you think about?

Yup, you are right... so it would produce one report with doubled counts,

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