[Logwatch] mime Application/OCTET-STREAM

Hartmut Wziontek hwz at hwz.bv.TU-Berlin.DE
Tue Nov 15 13:57:09 MST 2005

Hello all,

I have the problem, that the mailer nail always use the mime-type
if sometimes a non printable character occurs in the logs. Because
of the mime-type, the mailer doesn't show the report sent by loggrep,
I only get something like

     [ Cannot display this part. Press "V" then "S" to save in a file. ]

or simply

[Binary content]

nail seem choose this mime-type automatically:
        Otherwise, or if the
        filename has no extension, the content  types  text/plain  or  applica-
        tion/octet-stream  are  used,  the first for text or international text
        files, the second for any  file  that  contains  formatting  characters
        other than newlines and horizontal tabulators.

Is there any way around this? should I install the old mail (suse uses nail
as default)?

Many thanks


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