[Logwatch] 7.1 Removing Services

logwatch at mikecappella.com logwatch at mikecappella.com
Tue Nov 15 14:53:59 MST 2005

> I tried an experiment.  I wanted to split the report into two 
> sections, the mail and everything else.  It was easy to get a 
> report only on mail files.
> logwatch --logfile maillog
> That worked perfectly. There is no commandline "remove" for 
> logwatch, so I thought about using the "logwatch.conf" and 
> use "-<service>" but unfortunately it deletes thoses services 
> permanently and the above will no longer work.
> Is there a way to split the reports?

You want something like this:

logwatch --print --service="All" --service="-postfix" 
logwatch --print --service="postfix" 

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