[Logwatch] how to read old logs

Theodore Heise theo at heise.nu
Tue Oct 4 07:23:24 MST 2005

Hi all,

On my Slackware 10.2 system I have logrotate set to place old 
versions of debug, maillog, messages, and syslog into /var/log/old/ 
as I believe is default fo Slackware.  I like having the old 
versions there, to minimize clutter.

On the other hand, old log files for apache, news, and ntp are kept 
in the same directory as the current file, as each of these services 
has its own directory for log files (e.g., /var/log/apache/).

I would like to have logwatch read both rotated and current logs, 
but am not sure how to tell it about the location of the rotated 
standard logs in /var/log/old/.  Any tips would be much appreciated.


Theodore (Ted) Heise     <theo at heise.nu>     Bloomington, IN, USA

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