[Logwatch] Logwatch 7.3 and sudo (fwd)

Aaron M Morrison amm at lanl.gov
Wed Apr 12 16:20:54 MST 2006

Thanks, I'll download the fix from cvs and test away...
On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 17:18 -0600, Bjorn L. wrote:
> > Howdy, I've just installed the 7.3 version of logwatch, and for some
> > reason, I cannot get any info for sudo out of running logwatch --service
> > sudo or logwatch --logfile secure 
> I took a look at the sudo script.  Indeed, it has several problems,
> including that it didn't have the "catch all" OtherList, which hid
> some other issues.  I made some changes, and saved it to cvs.
> It would be useful if folks could test it and submit appropriate
> patches if there are more unmatched entries.  Or clean it up,
> in general.

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