[Logwatch] getting logwatch to monitor an ethernet bond

Denny Antonino Denny.Antonino at dalsemi.com
Tue Apr 18 22:59:57 MST 2006

I have logwatch running on a fedora core 5 64EMT server. Everything's
running great but I have a file I'd like to include in the logwatch email.
Located at "/proc/net/bonding/" the file name is bond0 which is an up to
date status of the bonding of eth0 and eth1. 

I've been reading though the documentation but just can't seem to get it. I
don't need to parse the file just basically get it included in the email
with a title to separate it from the other sections.

If someone could help me out or point me towards some more information
regarding this I'd be greatful.


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