[Logwatch] Logwatch-CVS & Cron

Ann Hopkins seashell at handypaws.com
Wed Aug 30 13:04:18 MST 2006

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SuSE 10.1
Logwatch-CVS (Today)
Cron (Standard) Updated
Perl (/usr/local/bin)   5.8.8  (SOURCE INSTALL)
/tmp - not executable

I had a previous problem with an alternative "cron" called "fcron",
so I returned to "cron".

I still have extremely weird problems occurring with the memory.
I changed "logwatch.pl" and "Logwatch.pm" to refer to

I can not run the program in "cron", and when I immediately try to
run it again from the command line it fails similarly with these
kind of messages.  If I run it once again from the command line the
problem disappears.

cat: cron.daily: Is a directory
system cat failed: 256 at /usr/local/sbin/logwatch line 889.

It should not even see this directory.  It acts as if the working
directory has somehow changed to the calling directory.

The directory is not always the same.  I confirmed "cat" works and
is there.  It will go a partial run, but all the way.

Please help.  I really want "logwatch to run in "cron"  is there
something particular I can look at.

Logwatch is not in the default directory structure, but I have
always run it in a different area.

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