[Logwatch] Cron, FC5 and Logwatch 7.3.1

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Tue Dec 19 11:33:05 MST 2006

Steve McKnelly wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Change applied per discussion in logwatch-devel.  No change in
> operation.  Same error at the same line.
> Steve
> On 12/18/06, Mike Tremaine <mgt at stellarcore.net> wrote:
>> Steve McKnelly wrote:
>> > No sections display.   The error dump starts with "system cat",
>> > followed by a large number of log names and ends with
>> > "/var/cache/logwatch/logwatch.eBhhKWac/samba failed: 65280 at
>> > ./0logwatch line 967."

Hmmm interesting.... Well it must be dying in this code chunk

    #Instead of trying to cat non-existent logs we test for it above -mgt
    if ($FileText) {
       my $Command = $FileText . $FilterText . ">" . $TempDir . $LogFile;
       if ($Config{'debug'}>4) {
          print "\nPreprocessing LogFile: " . $LogFile . "\n" . $Command . "\n";
       if ($LogFile !~ /^[-_\w\d]+$/) {
          print STDERR "Unexpected filename: [[$LogFile]]. Not used\n"
       } else {
       #These system calls are not secure but we are getting closer
       #What needs to go is all the pipes and instead we need a command loop
       #For each filter to apply -mgt
          system("$Config{'pathtocat'} $Command") == 0
             or die "system $Config{'pathtocat'} $Command failed: $?"

So the cat is failing on that file with error 65280? That's a new one to me... 
Guess I'll google around. You could trying running with

logwatch --debug 20 --service samba --print

Just to see if anything interesting gets printed out.


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