[Logwatch] update

munroe munroes at cawinet.com
Tue Dec 19 14:53:18 MST 2006

adding --range all worked, I got all of the output, but I don't know 
what that tells me... I did an ntpdate and resynced my time but that 
didn't help.   I used time.apple.com as the time server

Mike Tremaine wrote:
> munroe wrote:
>> it looks like anything using the logfile defined as "secure" is not 
>> getting printed, I have run logwatch with debug = 100 and I see in 
>> the /tmp dir that secure is populated with the auth.log but nothing 
>> is showing up in the stdout.  With debug on, I get all of the 
>> different sections listed in stdout but no errors.
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> Try --range all to see if it is timestamp issue.
> logwatch --range all --print
> What changed recently on your system? Is the clock right, did you 
> update syslog [or syslog-ng] anything at all even if it seems minor 
> might give us clue.
> -Mike

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