[Logwatch] How is logwatch typically run?

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Fri Jul 7 08:13:07 MST 2006

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 10:51 -0400, Patrick Sherrill wrote:
> How is logwatch typically run? Is it daemonized or run as a cron job?

Cron... It has no mechanism to be run as a Daemon. Generally the default
set up is to symlink logwatch form with in a cron.daily directory.
[Assuming Linux with /etc/cron.daily/ ]... Otherwise it is up to the
Distro or end user to set up the cron as needed. It is possible to run
as non-root so long as the user has read access to the logs and write
access to the temp dir.


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