[Logwatch] splithosts option

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Thu Jun 15 13:53:06 MST 2006

On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 14:21 -0600, logwatch at buglecreek.com wrote:
> I am experimenting with the --splithosts option on a server that logs
> three different hosts syslog messages.  I was using logwatch-6.1.2-1 and
> ran "logwatch --splithosts" which created a single /tmp/logwatch output
> file that separated out two of the three hosts, all most what a wanted. 
> I could not tell why it did not separate out the third.  I then decided
> to
> upgrade to 7.3.  I ran "logwatch --splithosts" once again and it only
> reported on the local host not the two that are remote logging.  I then
> ran "logwatch" w/o the splithosts option and it gave me all the
> information for the three hosts, but all combined.  You can not tell
> which hosts the messages are originating from.  Is there something I do
> not understand about this option.  My goal is to have a single report
> created with three different sections separated by the host.  It seemed
> like it would be possible based on the behavior I saw in the 6.1.2
> version.

Are you sure you have 7.3 installed correctly. I only ask because I we
had a splithosts bug and it was reported fixed in 7.2.1[ish]. And just
to make sure I just ran logwatch --splithosts --print on my server and
it generate the reports correctly. 

[mgt at sirius ~]$ rpm -q logwatch

[and other then a mailscanner patch this should be stock 7.3, so at
least I'm eating my own dog food as they say.]


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