[Logwatch] Help in geting latest rev running in non-RPM environment

George R. Kasica georgek at netwrx1.com
Mon May 15 12:35:56 MST 2006

Could use a little help here with the latest version of logwatch,
using perl 5.8.1 I believe(though since it works one way and not the
other I'm guessing this isn't an issue):

With the mailing option set I receive the following error: 

# ./0logwatch 
No mail for root
Broken pipe

With the save to file option I get a file created as and where

# ll /var/log/logwatch -rw-------    1 root     root      2726729 May
15 14:27 /var/log/logwatch

The only change in the configuration I've made is the commenting or
uncommenting of the Save = directive. 

The user ID of root it valid as is the mailer entry of 
mailer = /bin/mail

# ll /bin/mail -rwxr-xr-x    1 root     mail       167936 Aug 10  1999

What am I doing wrong here and how do I go about fixing this? I've got
the RPM Version working fine on a RH4 system and I'm trying to get it
going on a non rpm generic Linux box.

I'm sure it's something simple and dumb, but I'm missing what it is.

Thanks in advance,

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