[Logwatch] launching paging script

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Thu May 18 16:49:15 MST 2006


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> > I am new to LogWatch and have a quick question that I can't seem to 
> > find the answer to: Is there a way to make logwatch launch a script 
> > based on a filter of a log file?  We are not able to use a 
> MTA to send 
> > an email, but we do have a way to send pages (through a 
> central paging
> > server) and have a simple script that pages the person. 
> > 
> If you want to send the output stream from logwatch via some 
> other method the best thing to do is use the --print option 
> and the either pipe the output to what you want or right a 
> script that does more step to it.
> Example:
> logwatch --print > /tmp/myreport
> If you are asking is we can call an outside script in 
> reaction to something one of the filters hits. Well :) you 
> can do anything because it is open source but this feature is 
> not part of Logwatch. [However you can do something like this 
> with Syslog-ng directly on the logs.]

I was thinking Nagios might be a better fit for triggerring a pager.


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