[Logwatch] subject line, centralized syslog

Burv bowei_99 at yahoo.com
Tue May 30 08:11:37 MST 2006

OK, thanks.  I'll try changing that line. 

Also, has anyone tried this on a centralized syslog
host?  It seems that, if Logwatch only has to look in
one place for the data, it would make things easier. 
The rest of the items in the standard report, e.g. df
output, could be done with a couple simple scripts.  

Then again, when I tried on a centralized loghost I
set up, logwatch doesn't seem to differentiate between
different hosts.  Is there a setting I need to set?

> Line 972 of logwatch.pl
> print OUTFILE "Subject: Logwatch for
> $Config{'hostname'} (${OStitle})\n";
> Feel free to hack away.
> [I had mentioned that thought of making it more
> configurable but no work
> has been done on it yet other then Bjorn's $OStitle
> addition.]
> -Mike
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