[Logwatch] subject line, centralized syslog

Shawn Stricker kb1ibt at gmail.com
Tue May 30 20:47:57 MST 2006

Turns out gentoo only had up-to version 7.1 in portage so i crated a  
local portage that included the 7.3 stable. I also tested the -- 
splithosts option you gave to Burv and it did break it down sorta  
like i wanted. However i have 2 machines reporting to my syslog that  
don't report their hostnames, only their IP address, and so for those  
2 machines i get duplicate data. There are a couple services that  
have duplications, 2 of the services are ones i had to add myself  
since they weren't already in the tree (atleast the 7.1 and they  
didn't seem to be added by 7.3 stable), which may be part of the  

Also logwatch only sends one email with the data for all of the hosts  
reporting (which after adding --splithosts to the crontab breaks the  
email into multiple sections) what would be the best way to allow  
multiple emails to be sent? would i have to turn on HostLimit and add  
multiple cron jobs or is there another way to break up the email?

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