[Logwatch] Fwd: specific cron log file definition does not work

mnaud mnaud at libertysurf.fr
Tue Oct 24 09:51:44 MST 2006

Le mardi 24 Octobre 2006 18:17, Mike Tremaine a écrit :
>> [...]
> I can not reproduce this. I copied your cron.conf into my
> /etc/logwatch/conf/logfiles and then copied my /var/cron/logs to
> /var/log/cron/info and ran it [both with --archives and without] and I
> get no error and my cron logs print out fine.
> What OS is this running under? [I tested under Solaris 10]
> Anyone else able to reproduce this?
> -Mike

am using linux an "old" mandrake version 10.1 official

i will test again on other machine using the same linux version


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