[Logwatch] Announce: Updated amavis filter to version 1.39

MrC lists-logwatch at cappella.us
Thu Feb 1 13:37:22 MST 2007

Hello Amavis/Logwatch users,

I've updated the Amavis filter to version 1.39.  Changes:

 - Changed amavis timing report to display percentiles
   instead of mean.  Percentiles are user configurable.
 - Capture and summarize PANIC messages

 - Provide amavis timing report (detail >= 5)
 - Added Malware by Scanner section
 - Correctly capture amavis log continuation lines
 - Add Recipient key in Malware Blocked section
 - Lowercase Recipient email addresses
 - Capture and summarize
     All "(!+)..." debug lines, placed in warning section
     DSN Notification debug lines
     Additional ClamAV warnings
     "(!)WARN: ..." lines
     "INFO: truncated N header line(s) longer than 998 characters"
 - Ignore "...email.txt no longer exists, can't re-use it" lines

The new amavis logwatch filter (and postfix filter too) can be downloaded


or via the logwatch CVS repository (v1.39, see www.logwatch.org).

Download and expand the amavis.tgz file, and see the enclosed README file
for installation instructions and customization instructions.  The filter
has been tested with logwatch 7.3.x but probably works with older versions
too.  I have not determined the oldest version of logwatch that will work
with this filter, but users have reported that it works with 7.1.

Sample timing report:

At Detail level 5, the report shows the top time accumulators which
constitute 95% of the time amavis spends scanning an email.  The last
fields, which are user-configurable, are scan-time percentiles.  Default
values (not all shown here) are 10, 25, 50, 75, and 90 percentiles.

Timing Report  % Time   Total (s)       Min       Max       10%       90%
SA check       85.66%   16609.890    30.567   106.222    31.016    36.176
AV-scan-2       8.88%    1721.116     0.000    20.800     1.602     6.559
AV-scan-1       2.83%     549.080     0.003    55.982     0.024     2.330
Total Time Shown       97.36%   18880.086

At Detail level >5, the full report is presented in all its gory details.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged.  If you have log lines that are not
captured or processed correctly, please send me a copy of the line in some
form of archive so that whitespace is not altered, and I'll update the
script.  Either alter private information, or leave it as is, and rest
assured your data will remain confidential.


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