[Logwatch] Backscatter handling

Michael Mansour mic at npgx.com.au
Tue Feb 6 16:19:56 MST 2007


I've recently implemented spam backscatter and recipient checking into my MTA,
to reject connections for unknown recipients at the MTA level.

I'm now thinking that some domain admins be interested in knowing about these
rejections for their domains ie. as an email summary, what usernames in their
domains were rejected each day (in case they actually need them).

I realise logwatch isn't geared towards emailing non-admin users about these
types of things, but me as the server admin would like to know in case I wish
to manually report it to those domain admins.

What can be done to get logwatch filtering and summarising sendmail maillog
files of the form:

Feb  7 10:16:24 mxserver sendmail[12041]: l16NG7Qv012041: Milter:
to=<nonexistentuser at example.com.au>, reject=550 5.1.1
nonexistentuser at example.com.au... User unknown



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