[Logwatch] Announce: postfix filter updated

MrC lists-logwatch at cappella.us
Fri Feb 9 16:00:24 MST 2007

[ also posted on the postfix mailing list ]

Hello postfix / logwatch users,

I have updated the logwatch postfix reporting filter to version 1.30.


  - Added new postfix.conf configuration variable
    which can be set to match the postfix variable "recipient_delimiter".
    Allows Delivered and Sent reports to be grouped by email addresses
    minus their address extension.
  - Added new postfix.conf configuration variable
    to control maximum report width in postfix.conf
  - All lines widths in report now obey max report width
  - Added VFRY reject section
  - Added RFC 3463 DSN code messages to bounce/deferred sections
  - Created a SASL authenticated relayed messages which hits with
    sasl_sender is present in smtpd messages
  - Split orig_to email addresses into a subkey.  Allows reports
    to be grouped by primary "to" address, instead of various aliases.
  - Split Host & HostIP into their own keys for Bounce Remote section
  - For Pix Workaround section, format Host & HostIP similar to others
  - Add 'o' option where missing in REs
  - Parse and canonicalize various "host...said" remote server messages for
    few report sections
  - Add Sent via LMTP section, removing lmtp-delivered mail out of
    Allows users with lmtp-based content filters to avoid double counting
    (but only for message counts; byte counts are still about 50% too
    Configuration variable postfix_MsgsSentLmtp controls display
  - Added pre-queue content-filter overload section
  - Reworked Bounce (local/remote) and Deferred sections
  - Fixed several reversed captures of Host and HostIP
  - Format Host and HostIP in Numeric hostname section
  - Changed all From -> To lines to To <- From.  From address
    is often bogus and To is more interesting to see.
  - Made Reason the primary key in Deliverable/Undeliverable sendmail -bv
  - Modified re_DSN RE to capture DSNs missing 3 number response code
  - Enhanced SASL authenticated messages to capture missing log lines
  - Added milter-reject section
  - Updated 'Reject server configuration error' RE for older postfix
  - Fix copy/paste error which caused use of incorrect variable in bad size
  - Add Concurrency limit reached section
  - Add "maildrop" to the list of relay's considered local in Bounce section

The latest postfix logwatch filter can be downloaded from:


or via the logwatch CVS repository (postfix v1.30, postfix.conf v1.9, see

Download and expand the postfix.tgz file, and see the enclosed README file
for installation instructions and customization information.  The filter has
been tested with logwatch 7.3.x, and works with some older versions too.  I
have not determined the oldest version of logwatch that will work with this
filter, but users have reported that it works with 7.1.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged.  If you have log lines that are not
captured or processed correctly, please send me a copy of the log line in
some form of archive so that whitespace is not altered, and I'll update the
script.  Either obfuscate private information, or leave it as is, and rest
assured your data will remain confidential.



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