[Logwatch] Backscatter handling

Bjorn L. bl_logwatch2 at mblmail.net
Sun Feb 11 11:54:37 MST 2007

This info should already be in the sendmail service (assuming you use
sendmail, based on the reference to Milter).  You may need to bump up
the Detail level; try setting it to 10:

echo "Detail = 10" >> /etc/logwatch/conf/services/sendmail.conf

Michael Mansour wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently implemented spam backscatter and recipient checking into my MTA,
> to reject connections for unknown recipients at the MTA level.
> I'm now thinking that some domain admins be interested in knowing about these
> rejections for their domains ie. as an email summary, what usernames in their
> domains were rejected each day (in case they actually need them).
> I realise logwatch isn't geared towards emailing non-admin users about these
> types of things, but me as the server admin would like to know in case I wish
> to manually report it to those domain admins.
> What can be done to get logwatch filtering and summarising sendmail maillog
> files of the form:
> Feb  7 10:16:24 mxserver sendmail[12041]: l16NG7Qv012041: Milter:
> to=<nonexistentuser at example.com.au>, reject=550 5.1.1
> nonexistentuser at example.com.au... User unknown

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