[Logwatch] Logwatch 7.3.3 Released

Kirk Bauer kirk at kaybee.org
Sat Feb 17 08:07:03 MST 2007

Logwatch 7.3.3 has been released.  It is available in RPM or tarball


Thanks to hard work by Bjorn, Mike, and a number of users who have
contributed patches we have a number of improvements to a number of

In particular, thanks goes to MrC (also Mike) for his work on
significant improvements to the Postfix and Amavis filters as described

Postfix filter:  The postfix filter has been entirely reworked, to
better assist with problem detection, and to provide a hierarchical,
comprehensive, and easy to read overview of postfix's activities.  Each
report begins with a more useful summary report, calling out important
warnings and problems, and providing basic message counts, categorized
rejection rates, percentages, message delivery methods, etc.  The
detailed section, hierarchically arranged so that totals and subtotals
are easily seen, provides increasing disclosure as logwatch's detail
level increases.  Each section may be controlled for shorter reports,
and reducing information overload, while also allowing as much detail as
desired during tuning and debugging stages.   See the comments in the
scripts/services/postfix and conf/services/postfix.conf files for more

Amavis filter: The amavis filter has also be reworked to use the same
framework as the postfix filter, allowing for hierarchical reports,
customized tuning of detail depth in detailed reports, etc.  The filter
better handles and summarizes a variety of amavis' log messages at
higher log levels (log_level in amavisd.conf), and provides a
customizable timing report of where amavis is consuming time during spam
and antivirus scanning.  See the comments in the scripts/services/amavis
and conf/services/amavis.conf files for more details.

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