[Logwatch] Multiple service-names in one service

MrC lists-logwatch at cappella.us
Fri Feb 23 13:36:50 MST 2007

> I have a system that has both xntpd and ntpdate.
> Each uses its own name.
> Is it possible to have multiple OnlyService lines in a .conf file?
> Maybe in the form of (xntpd|ntpdate) ?
> Is this even a good idea?
> (maybe it's simply better to split them up, as only one of 
> them -SHOULD- be
> running)

Sure.  See the amavis filter:

*OnlyService = (amavis|dccproc)

Btw. ntpdate typically would be run only when starting xntpd, if you use
xntpd.  You don't want to run both at the same time.


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