[Logwatch] Multiple service-names in one service

'MrC' lists-logwatch at cappella.us
Fri Feb 23 17:27:23 MST 2007

> The only time I see ntpdate messages is when it tells me that 
> the ntp socket is already in use.
> A long time ago, on a server far, far away, an admin decided 
> to upgrade ntp from a 6am cron-job to a full-blown daemon.
> Apparently, he forgot the remove the cron job...

Makes sense.

> I'n simply tring to get my logwatch --range all below 5 pages...
> (not that simple, if you recall that HP-UX only rotates when 
> the system
> reboots)
> (last reboot was 6 months ago, after a power failure. 
> I'm also working on a vmunix script. (don't ask, you don't 
> want to know) Apparently, regular @arrays are easier is you 
> don't expect a message to appear more than once.
> (and you can simply print the array, w00t)
> You can look forward to a sample-logwatch-script-bits file 
> sometime soon.
> (with things like a hashed-array list, regular array list,
>   pattern-grab, printout routines, etc,etc...) If only for my 
> own reference...

Take a look at latest postfix/amavis scripts.  They have tree
building/printing routines, all table driven, and per-section configurable
detail limits.

You simply capture into one or two hashes, and call the print routines.  You
get hierarchical, increasing disclosure and a bunch of other stuff for free.


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