[Logwatch] Multiple service-names in one service

Kit Gerrits kitgerrits at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 05:51:54 MST 2007

> > 
> > I'm also working on a vmunix script. (don't ask, you don't want to 
> > know) Apparently, regular @arrays are easier is you don't expect a 
> > message to appear more than once.
> > (and you can simply print the array, w00t)
> > 
> > You can look forward to a sample-logwatch-script-bits file sometime 
> > soon.
> > (with things like a hashed-array list, regular array list,
> >   pattern-grab, printout routines, etc,etc...) If only for my own 
> > reference...
> > 
> Take a look at latest postfix/amavis scripts.  They have tree 
> building/printing routines, all table driven, and per-section 
> configurable detail limits.
> You simply capture into one or two hashes, and call the print 
> routines.  You get hierarchical, increasing disclosure and a 
> bunch of other stuff for free.

I'll check them out sometimme soon.
I'm planning to steal one of those routines to build some decent reporting
into my su and sudo scripts.

It's an interesting way to get to know perl :-)

Kudos to -all the developers- for writing clear code.
It's not often you come across a Perl script that's actually legible :-D



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