[Logwatch] LogWatch on HP-UX

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Sat Jan 13 07:53:26 MST 2007

Kit Gerrits wrote:
> Hey all!
> I apologize in advance if this is a double-post.
> I'm having some issues mailing to logwatch at www2.list.logwatch.org:81
> I'm trying to port de LogWatch from RHEL 2.1AS to HP-UX 11.0 and I'm running
> into a few issues.
> Because my company has an aversion to current versions,
>   I simply copied the /etc/log.d to a new location and modified the base
> path.
>   (I believe it's version 2.5)
> After changing a few things, I'm running into a curious problem:
> applystddate needs date -d HP-UX date, of course, does not support such a
> useful cunftion as 'yesterday's date' and it doesn't seem to accept 'input
> dates'.
> Are there any other ways of accomplishing this, aside from manually
> scripting a month-failover function?
>   (I'm really not looking forward to rolling backwards from may 1st, etc)
> Has anyone else managed to get LogWatch to work under HP-UX 11.0?
> Any help would be appreciated!

First the version from RHEL2.1 is going to be ancient we are up to Logwatch 7.3.2 
which you can get as a tarball from the website. BUT as we marched on through time 
the code base did acquire some dependency. First Perl has to be at least version 
5.6+. Then there are some perl modules that are needed most come with standard perl 
base under Linux but I know I had to install at least 1 under Solaris 9 [File::Temp].

The good news is the old version has a smattering of shell scripts for things like 
date ranges and such we moved away from that and have a pure perl handling for all 
that so your first problem will go away.

There is a logwatch install script for Unix it has not been tested under HP-UX so it 
might not work but it would at least show you how we try to get it installed. [It 
uses install with BSD syntax I know for a fact that the install from Irix does not 
work with it but BSD/Linux/Darwin and Solaris with /usr/ucb/install work fine.] I 
just committed some changes to allow the overriding of the default Manpage dir. IF 
you do not feel like checking out CVS you can get just the script from here


Ok that is the easy part. Get the newest version of logwatch and make sure your Perl 
is as new as you can get it. Install it where ever you want we moved away from 
/etc/log.d and in theory you can put it anywhere we use /usr/share/logwatch and 
/etc/logwatch but you can do something like /opt/logwatch or 
/usr/local/share/logwatch or whatever.... Once it is installed you will have to a 
fair amount of editing on the logfile configs to get the service scripts you want to 
do the right thing. In the tarball there is a file about HOWTO Customize Logwatch you 
want to read that.

Feel free to post back things you find we are always read to add patches for ports.
[Of special interest might be the dist.conf directory which is designed to override 
the default.conf settings. These is really mean to be used by distributions so their 
changes can be kept in a different place then the main configs and thus allow for 
easy updates.]


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