[Logwatch] Logwatch and postfix

Tom Metro tmetro+logwatch at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 10:29:48 MST 2007

nawshad hoossanbuksh wrote:
> Logwatch does not seem to get any line in input for treatment.
> In my maillog, im sure i put the correct path to my logfile:
> LogFile = /var/log/maya/postfix.log
> It seems that the STDIN is empty...

The Postfix service filter config file uses OnlyService and 
RemoveHeaders shared filters, which are designed to work with a syslog 
format log file.

If the lines don't match the expected format, RemoveHeaders is harmless 
and will pass them on, but OnlyService will produce no output. Take a 
look at the code:

Is /var/log/maya/postfix.log produced by syslog?

You should be able to do something like:

cat /var/log/maya/postfix.log | perl 
/usr/share/logwatch/scripts/shared/onlyservice 'postfix/[a-zA-Z0-9]*' | head

and see some log lines.

(It's been proposed that these filters incorporate validation, which 
would produce a visible warning when lines in an unexpected format were 

Also try experimenting with the --debug switch to logwatch along with 
the --print switch until you get things working.


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