[Logwatch] Amavis unmatched entries...

MrC lists-amavis at cappella.us
Thu Jun 7 10:10:31 MST 2007

> Could anyone help me figure out where these unmatched entries 
> are coming
> from:
> **Unmatched Entries**
>     INFO: no existing header field 'Subject', inserting it: 2 Time(s)
>     (!)killing process [21487] running /usr/bin/unrar (reason: Error
> reading: Bad file descriptor at (eval 60) line 803, <GEN66> 
> line 2.): 1
> Time(s)
>     (!)SMTP: 501 5.5.2 Syntax: RCPT TO: <address>; PENALIZE: 
> RCPT TO:<long11 at korea.com >\r\n: 1 Time(s)
>     (!)SMTP: 501 5.5.2 Syntax: MAIL FROM: <address>; 
> PENALIZE: MAIL FROM:<long11 at korea.com >\r\n: 1 Time(s)
> Thanks very much :D

Hi Jan,

Your amavis filter is out of date.

Upgrade to the latest version logwatch if you desire.

Upgrade your amavis filter to the latest version:


Download and unarchive the amavis-logwatch.tgz file and read the README for


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