[Logwatch] Logwatch and IP address reporting

nawshad hoossanbuksh nawshad01 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 18 05:29:52 MST 2007

Hello all

   I would like to know if it is possible to report the whole log entry 
being matched while the monitoring processes. Using syslog to deport logs 
from remote machines, i would like to see the address IP of the source of 
the log entries in my centralized log file on the server.

>From logwatch report:
**Unmatched Entries**
    (root-5110): démarrage (version 2.16.1), pid 5110 utilisateur « root 
» : 1 Time(s)

>From my log file (auth.log)
Jun 18 10:48:19 194.3.***.*** (root-5110): démarrage (version 2.16.1), pid 
5110 utilisateur « root

Thank you very much for any help

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