[Logwatch] Logwatch for Solaris 10

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Wed May 23 06:51:51 MST 2007

Anne wrote:
> Hi All
> Does anyone know if there are directions anywhere abouts that explain 
> how to get Logwatch to work with Solaris 10?
> Thank you!
> Anne

Download the tar.gz version from the stable link unpack it and run the 
the install_logwatch.sh. Follow the dialogs and it will install. The 
defaults should work for most of the major services.

Changes I usually make to syslog.conf

Change mail.info from /var/log/syslog to /var/log/maillog

mail.info                       /var/log/maillog

IF you use telnet or ftp [uw-ftp] from inetd then add

#Inetd info [telnet,ftp]
daemon.info                     /var/log/authlog

That should be it.


You might want to edit your syslog.conf to push mail logs to /etc/

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