[Logwatch] Fwd: logwatch unable to send an email with exim

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Wed Nov 7 08:29:10 MST 2007

Kirk Bauer wrote:
> Any exim users who can comment?
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Spacemonkey Support <support at spacemonkey.co.nz>
> Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 22:04:20 +1300
> Subject: logwatch unable to send an email with exim
> To: logwatch-bugs at logwatch.org
> Hi,
> We are a web hosting company based in New Zealand. Our server is
> currently running exim as our mail agent.
> We were previously running version 6.0.1 of logwatch, which didn't seem
> to pick up any of the exim logs. Because of this reason, today we have
> upgraded logwatch to version 7.3.6. exim logs now seem to be getting
> picked up correctly by logwatch.
> However, we came across a problem that did not exist when we were
> running 6.0.1. Before we were able to receive emails generated by
> logwatch by changing the MailTo variable in logwatch.conf to another
> email address e.g. admin at spacemonkey.co.nz.
> After we have installed the new version, however, logwatch fails to run
> to completion and simply spits out the following message:
> [root at spacemonkey default.conf]# /usr/sbin/logwatch
> No mail for root
> We can't be sure whether this is in fact a bug or not, but the fact that
> it was working previously led us to believe that it could be a bug.
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
> Kind Regards,
> Theo.

Sounds to me like the Mailer is still calling "mail" which is what that 
error is. We changed to sendmail sometime in the 7 series so my guess is 
something in the config is hanging on to the old mailer line. Exim 
should have a sendmail compatible command interface [something at 
/usr/sbin/sendmail or /usr/lib/sendmail ] by default mailer should me 
"sendmail -t"


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