[Logwatch] Concerning Postfix

Tom Ziemer tom.ziemer at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 10 03:33:20 MST 2007

Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding Postfix. Ever since switching from Debian
Sarge to Etch, logwatch reports a (fairly) large number of emails being

Excerpt from a logwatch report:
4791000 bytes transferred
 742 messages sent
 4 messages expired and returned to sender
 4 resent messages
 326 messages removed from queue

 Unknown users: 9, 208 Time(s)

 SASL Authenticated messages from: 1 Host(s), 2 Time(s)

 Relaying denied: 14 Time(s)

 Local Bounces: 2, 150 Time(s)

 Foreign Bounce: 42, 84 Time(s)

On the other hand, PFLOGSUMM reports the following (for the same timespan):
Grand Totals

     91   received
     43   delivered
      0   forwarded
     17   deferred  (210  deferrals)
    118   bounced
    110   rejected (71%)
      0   reject warnings
      0   held
      0   discarded (0%)

I wonder whether anybody could clarify a few questions I have:
a) What does messages sent mean? Were these mails actually delivered?
b) What about "removed from queue" in relation to "messages sent". I
assume that this is because of local bounces - but still, the numbers
just don't add up.
c) why do logwatch and pflogsumm report different figures, or am I just
misinterpreting the output?


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