[Logwatch] Postfix unmatched entries for messages created by php script

Owen V. Gray ovgray at rogers.com
Thu Nov 22 12:11:13 MST 2007

A php script on my server periodically sends email messages via postfix.
The process generates these entries in /var/log/maillog
('hostname','php_process_username','serverfqdn' and 'recipient' have
been substituted for original text):

Nov 21 00:00:02 hostname postfix/pickup[1923]: D4039D5834B: uid=502
Nov 21 00:00:02 hostname postfix/cleanup[4271]: D4039D5834B:
message-id=<20071121050002.D4039D5834B at serverfqdn>
Nov 21 00:00:02 hostname postfix/qmgr[4999]: D4039D5834B:
from=<php_process_username at serverfqdn>, size=1663, nrcpt=1 (queue
Nov 21 00:00:03 hostname postfix/smtp[4284]: D4039D5834B:
to=<recipient at rogers.com>,
relay=mx1.rog.mail.yahoo.com[]:25, delay=0.45,
delays=0.11/0/0.13/0.21, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 ok dirdel)
Nov 21 00:00:03 hostname postfix/qmgr[4999]: D4039D5834B: removed

The second last line shows up in the logwatch report as an unmatched
entry. How do I prevent this?


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