[Logwatch] Postfix conf

Nicolas nico_ps at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 24 06:05:07 MST 2007


 I get this result:
25   Deferrals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
       25      DSN unavailable

And no more information. 
I set in postfix.conf:
$postfix_Deferrals = 10
and get the same result.

Can I get a list of "25      DSN unavailable" directions or domains.?

One more question: you think update SPF detection? Looks my Postfix **Unmatched Entries** (This is a suggestion only)

Sep 23 10:34:04 mail postfix/policy-spf[15980]: : Policy action=PREPEND  Received-SPF: pass (30noticias.com.ar: is authorized to use 'despachos at 30noticias.com.ar' in  'mfrom' identity (mechanism 'a' matched)) receiver=MY_SERVER_MAIL;  identity=mfrom; envelope-from="despachos at 30noticias.com.ar";  helo=carlin-db3; client-ip=
1   Sep 23 02:42:26 mail postfix/policy-spf[12825]: : Policy action=PREPEND  Received-SPF: permerror (ebay.co.uk ... p._spf.ebay.com: Maximum DNS-interactive  terms limit (10) exceeded) receiver=MU_SERVER_MAIL; identity=mfrom;  envelope-from="jransaction at ebay.co.uk";  helo=ansys.com; client-ip=
1   Sep 23 09:38:58 mail postfix/policy-spf[15832]: : Policy action=PREPEND  Received-SPF: none (kimberly.co.nz: No applicable sender policy available)  receiver=MY_MAIL_SERVER; identity=mfrom; envelope-from="Graffa at kimberly.co.nz";  helo="[]"; client-ip=
1   Sep 23 06:59:24 mail postfix/policy-spf[15534]: : Policy action=PREPEND  Received-SPF: neutral (ambatyashir.com: Domain does not state whether sender is  authorized to use 'cunniffkvq at ambatyashir.com' in  'mfrom' identity (mechanism '?all' matched)) receiver=MY_MAIL_SERVER  identity=mfrom; envelope-from="cunniffkvq at ambatyashir.com";  helo="[]"; client-ip=

Thanks in advance.

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