[Logwatch] smf-sav

Brendan Pirie bpirie at rma.edu
Tue Feb 12 13:06:32 MST 2008

Hi list,

Looking for help/advice with the sendmail smf-sav milter and logwatch. 
I've cranked the Detail level up to 12, but I'm still not getting the 
information I'm wanting.  logwatch does report some information under 
the heading:

Total SMTP Session, Message, and Recipient Errors handled by Sendmail:

but it only reports on recipient address verification.  I would like to 
see sender address verification information in the logwatch report.  The 
sendmail logs for such entries include one of three tags (any of which 
may be from (cached) results):

sender check tempfailed:
sender check failed:
sender check succeeded:

The only tags it processes for smf-sav now (either of which may also be 
(cached) results) seem to be:

recipient check failed:
recipient check succeeded

Thanks for any guidance,


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