[Logwatch] logwatch not sending emails to alternate email address

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Wed Feb 13 11:01:02 MST 2008

Hameedullah Khan wrote:
> On Feb 13, 2008 10:25 PM, Mike Tremaine <mgt at stellarcore.net> wrote:
>> Looks at line 70 and add the missing paren
>> if ($ENV{'MAILTO'}) {
>> This has been fixed in CVS [bad commiter NO DONUT!]
> There is one another bug I would like to point. If someone wants to
> use ENV MAILTO option it will be overrided by a default hard coded one
> which is "root". See line 75 which will set $Config{'mailto'} = "root"
> whether there is MAILTO is exported in environment or not.
> # if MAILTO is set in the environment, grab it, as it may be used by cron
> # or anacron
> if ($ENV{'MAILTO'}) {
>    $Config{'mailto'} = $ENV{'MAILTO'};
> } else {
>    $Config{'mailto'} = "root";
> }
> $Config{'mailto'} = "root";

Yes we have your bug report and this is noted and will be fixed one way 
or another. Sadly the whole ENV thing came in as a kludge the next 
release [8.0] is going to favor a true wrapper for CRON rather then a 
symlink to logwatch.pl [at least that was my plan].


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