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Good luck with your new server!
You might want to consider one of those tiny laptops or mini-computers.
They user next-to-nothing in power and get cheaper with each passing day.

(YES! My work blocks everything except port 80 and 443)



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I apologize for all of the downtime lately... my old ISP (Cox) started
turning off my connection due to the volume of outbound emails starting
about 5-6 weeks ago.  Then I moved to a new house which was more downtime.
Now I have a much better ISP with more bandwidth and less restrictions.  The
problem is that since my move my server keeps freezing due to what Linux
calls a hardware error.  I have tried running on each stick of RAM
independently, have replaced the CPU, the video card, and the second
Ethernet card with no improvement.  I don't see any hard drive errors, so
pretty much that leaves the motherboard.
 Unfortunately the system is fairly old and my first attempt to replace the
motherboard failed.

So finally I decided to order the parts to build a new server.  This means
in 1-2 weeks things should be up for good.  Unfortunately I fully expect the
system to spend the entire 4th of July weekend locked up (it locks up about
every 3-4 hours) until I reboot it).

The good news is that my new ISP does not block ports 25 and 80 so I will be
able to move www.logwatch.org back to port 80 and even accept the mailing
list email directly once things are stable again.

Thanks guys!

Kirk Bauer <kirk at kaybee.org>
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