[Logwatch] Working on a port to Sun Solaris 10

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Fri May 2 08:38:09 MST 2008

Don Wilder wrote:
> Is there anyone working on a port to Solaris I can confer with? I have 
> many of the functions working, but ipf is making my head spin. :) The 
> nice thing about perl is it is portable.
> If anyone else is working on a port to Solaris Please contact me.
> -

The base system installs and runs under Solaris 10 just fine. However 
there is no ipf support. The place to start would be to see if the 
iptables service can be modified to handle the ipf.log file [either with 
patches or as a new ipf service]

My ipf logs look something like this

Aug 14 15:27:15 hypernova ipmon[18629]: [ID 702911 local0.warning] 
15:27:15.551473 dmfe0 @0:26 b,2920 ->,993 
PR tcp len 20 48 -S IN


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