[Logwatch] Unable to kill dovecot disconnect warnings.

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Mon Nov 17 08:09:01 MST 2008

Edward Dekkers wrote:
> This is my first post to the list. Google and GMane didn't pull up anything
> I could use.
> I'm on Ubuntu Server 8.10 latest updates.
> Basically, logwatch pulls up a LOT of "dovecot disconnect" messages in my
> logwatch e-mail every night.
> Frankly I really don't care to know when a client disconnects itself from
> dovecot. So I've tried to suppress these messages by writing an override.con
> and putting it in /etc/logwatch/conf.
>>From what I understand that's where it's supposed to go.
> It seems to be having no effect. I basically copied an example I found
> somewhere but it doesn't seem to get processed. I'm not familiar at all with
> regular expressions apart from understanding they exist. Could someone
> please have a look at the attached override.conf and check what I'm doing
> wrong?
> I'm basically trying to ignore all dovecot disconnect messages from my local
> lan (192.168.0.x).
> Any additional information I can provide and if all this is already written
> somewhere where a pleb like myself can understand, you can point me in that
> direction and I'm happy to try things myself.

Posted a smaple of the log line you want to ignore and what version of 
logwatch you are running..

I just checked a mail server that I know is running dovecot

  [root at mail brianh]# rpm -q dovecot
[root at mail brianh]# rpm -q logwatch

And I do not see this problem so if you point it out to us I'll try to 
make it go away.


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