[Logwatch] logwatch is DOA - strace -f output included from test.pl

Dale Morin dale at mustanginternetservices.com
Thu Oct 2 14:47:14 MST 2008


> I've run out of ideas at this point.  The only thing I can think of
> trying is to run the attached C program.  It invokes the readdir system
> call.  If it fails, your problem is not in Perl, but rather in either
> the kernel (and libraries), the filesystem, or your hard drive.  If it
> does fail, you can try running it on other directories.

The c program runs and ends normally.  I am going to run "apt-get 
install perl --reinstall" and see what happens.

This is really odd.

I'll post my results after the perl reinstall.

Dale Morin, Mustang Internet Services, Inc.

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