[Logwatch] Problems with configuration

Stefan stefan at localside.net
Wed Nov 18 09:58:03 MST 2009

you wrote:
> Hello everyone.

> I've just installed logwatch version 7.3.6 and I'm trying to customize
> it to do what I want. I need to monitor one specific file, but the "--
> logfile" option doesn't work.
> I've tried to modify the configuration file, and also by console but
> it gives me the messages: "Logwatch is not configured to use logfile:
> someFile.log"

The option --logfile doesn't specify a logfile (e.g. /var/log/messages) it 
specifies a logfile group (e.g. messages.conf which is configured in 
/usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logfiles/messages.conf). If you want to tell 
logwatch to use a specific logfile for a specific service then you have to 
edit the corresponding logfile group file (e.g. messages.conf) or create a new 
one in /etc/logwatch/conf/logfiles/.

> I also can't get it to send mails, I once did it with: mailer = "/usr/
> sbin/sendmail -t" but that was before I removed it and reinstall, now
> I can't do it work, and the option "Print" is set to "no".
> I'm a little confused about the configuration, with many different
> archives that takes priorities and all that stuff, so I need some help.

Do you have sendmail installed (exist /usr/sbin/sendmail)? Does logwatch 
produce any error?

> Any ideas? Thank you.


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