[Logwatch] Problems with configuration

Stefan Jakobs stefan at localside.net
Thu Nov 19 10:34:45 MST 2009

 Benon Fuertes wrote:
 > First of all thank you for your answer.
 > The thing that I want to log is a file inside /var/log/apache2 which
 > refers to a virtual domain,
 > so I'm trying to use the service "http", and then using the logfile
 > parameter pointing to "http.conf"
 > in /etc/logwatch/conf/logfiles, file that I've copied from /usr/
 > share/logwatch/default.conf/logfiles.
 > Then I edit it to point to the specific log file. But doesn't work.
Can you please send the content of /etc/logwatch/conf/logfiles/http.conf and 
the output of:

# logwatch --output stdout --debug 6 --service http

 >>> I also can't get it to send mails, I once did it with: mailer = "/
 >>> usr/sbin/sendmail -t" but that was before I removed it and reinstall,
 >>> now I can't do it work, and the option "Print" is set to "no".
 >>> I'm a little confused about the configuration, with many different
 >>> archives that takes priorities and all that stuff, so I need some
 >>> help.
 >> Do you have sendmail installed (exist /usr/sbin/sendmail)? Does
 >> logwatch produce any error?
 > Sendmail exists, the thing is that the server where I am installing
 > logwatch is used as a mail server, and is using qmail, vpopmail,
 > spamassasin, etc. and is in production, so I have to be very careful
 > with the things that I install. I can't install a new mail server,
 > for example, because there would be conflicts with the current one. So I
 > read in the internet, that mailer = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t" in
 > logwatch.conf could work. I tried it and it worked, that was two weeks ago.
 > But I was so confused with all the files and changes I had made in logwatch
 > that I removed it and reinstalled it again, and now is when can't get it
 > to send mails.
Do you have installed logwatch from source or as a package from your 
distribution? What  is your distribution?
Are you sure that there is no other logwatch.conf, e.g in dist.conf?

 > Regarding the other question, it doesn't produce any error except
 > when I change the service in "logwatch.conf",
 > it tells me this: Wrong configuration entry for "Service", if "All"
 > selected, only "-" items are allowed

If you have a line 'Service = All' in your logwatch.conf then your are only 
allowed to remove services with 'Service = "-aservice"'. If you don't have 
'Service = All' then you have to define each service you like to use with 
'Service = aservice'. 
 > Thank you, and sorry for writing so much :P


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