[Logwatch] logwatch too verbose

Bjorn L. bl_logwatch3 at mblmail.net
Wed Sep 9 17:40:48 MST 2009

Indeed, there is little or no documentation for each service.  The
config files usually do have some comments.

I thought http had some way of filtering.  From the config files, I see
that you can filter URLs with $HTTP_IGNORE_URLS and you can filter IP
addresses with $HTTP_IGNORE_IPS.

Looking at the script, however, I also see that setting the variable
"$HTTP_RC_DETAIL-404 (or any return code) to a number higher than your
current Detail setting will produce a one-line summary for that code.
That would reduce the verbosity.

I'm not familiar with the postfix script (and I can't test it because I
don't use it), but on a quick scan it does appear to check the Detail
setting when processing %RejectRecip.

If a script does not have a way to filter through its configuration
file, you may be able to use the ignore.conf file.  Entries in that file
filter logged statements before the service.

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> I rebuilt my server recently. The settings for LogWatch on the new
> system are too verbose. I have it set to 0 (low) but it still contains
> unnecessary information. Specifically, it contains the Apache access_log
> (404 errors) and the Postfix "Recipient address rejected: User unknown
> in local recipient table" errors. I don't really care about these. I
> have been googling and reading through the conf files but can't find out
> how to exclude these details from the report. Mostly all that I can find
> is how to run LogWatch from the command line. How can I customize what
> is included?
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