[Logwatch] Email reverse incorrect

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Tue Sep 29 12:19:00 MST 2009

Kit Gerrits wrote:
> Sometimes, if the relay machine does not receive a complete FROM 
> address (just a username), it will add a domain by itself.
> A few thing that might show a hint:
> Does your boot log show any warning from the local mailer?
> (eg: unable to resolve hostname, using 'localhost')
> What do 'hostname' and 'uname -n' from teh FC11 machine and the relay 
> machine tell you?
> What mailer are you running on madman and the relay machine? 
> (sendmail/postfix)
> What mailer is logwatch itself pointing to? (mail, mailx, sendmail)
> What does maillog on the FC11 machine and the relay machine show?
> (try to find the mail as it goes through both)

You can also "force it" with --mailfrom or  MailFrom in the 
logwatch.conf [yes sadly it's not in the manpage or -h print out]


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