Bomb Alley by Avalanche Press

This is my personal web site about the game Bomb Alley: The Mediterranean Naval War, 1940-1943 by Avalanche Press. This is part of their Second World War at Sea series, so some of the information will apply to other games (SOPAC, Eastern Fleet, Midway).

I also may begin work on a web-based player assistant for the Second World War at Sea series. Don't get your hopes up, as it may take me a while to do, and I would also probably have to ask Avalanche if I could let others use it.

The series rules between SOPAC and Bomb Alley have not changed. So, read the rules and check out my research on them here: SOPAC Rules corrections/clarifications/enhancements.

I have also done an analysis of the differences between SOPAC and Bomb Alley. Follow that link if you have played SOPAC but are new to Bomb Alley. The same page also has some errata for Bomb Alley.

Finally, I have a few comments/questions about the scenario rules that can be found here.

The game looks great, but I haven't played it yet. A good amount of new rules in the scenario book, including minefields and motor torpedo boats. Tons of ships and the data sheets are online in PDF format (very handy). An incredible number of scenarios!

I do wish it had hard-mounted gameboards like SOPAC does, though, but I do like the bigger size, so I guess you can't have everything.

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You can find all of the information I have on Avalanche Press games here.