Kirk W. Bauer   
(623) 455-6308  Smyrna, GA
Objective Executive, Management, or Architect position in Information Technology
  or Software Development. Sales Engineer positions will also be considered.
Summary of I am an experienced IT professional with a wide variety of experience. My years
Qualifications of hands-on systems/network/database administration, software development, and other
  related experience (management and sales) allows me to approach all aspects of
  information technology with a broad viewpoint. I can relate to executive management,
  engineers, developers, the sales team, and customers. My verbal and written
  communication skills are evident in my success in sales and the successful
  publication of my book and many articles and whitepapers.
Accomplish- Author of Automating Unix and Linux Administration,
ments published by Apress in September 2003 (ISBN: 1590592123).
  Creator and primary developer of many Linux projects used by hundreds of thousands
  of people throughout the world, the most popular being Logwatch, which is included
  in most of today's Linux distributions, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Employment F5 Networks, Phoenix, AZ - 2006 to Present
History Senior Field Systems Engineer
  - Technical half of the sales team, providing technical presentations, solution
    architecture, product demos, proof-of-concepts, etc.
  - Grew revenue from approximately $1 million to over $4 million per year.
  - Produced over thirty technical solutions that were used by other engineers
    all over the world to close at least $20 million in revenue.
  DHL, Scottsdale, AZ - 2005 to 2006
  UNIX/Linux Global Architect
  - Led a virtual team of Linux administrators/architects from each datacenter and
    developed global standards for the use of Linux at DHL. This helped to create a
    more uniform environment to increase availability and decrease costs worldwide.
  - Linux hardware platform and virtualization technology review and selection with a
    focus on determining the platform (or combination) that provides the lowest TCO.
  - Designed a global systems management solution based on Red Hat Satellite Server
    with expected savings of at least $3 million in the first three years. Created
    a Global Linux Support Team to manage the product and provide other Linux services.
  - Created a blades and virtualization strategy for Linux/Windows with expected savings
    of $2-$4 million per year worldwide.
  - Defined and documented global best practices for Linux in all areas including
    system configuration, security, and management.
  - Internal consultant for numerous important projects in areas such as security, server
    architecture, hardware sizing, purchasing decisions, etc.
  - In one case, I used virtualization technology to redesign the architecture for a
    large global project and reduced hardware/software costs by $2 million.
  Proficient Systems, Atlanta, GA - 2002 to 2005
  Engineering Manager & Lead Architect
  - Manager of the team responsible for the continuing development and support of
    TogetherWeb products including technical sales and product management.
  - Involved in both the operations (procedures, automation, hiring, disaster recovery) and
    development divisions (design, architecture, development) of the company.
  - Designed and managed processes for source control, configuration management, system
    and customer support, system upgrades and application deployment.
  - Managed the creation of automated installation and administrative tools for deployment
    of clustered server software onto RLX ServerBlades.

  - Designed and implemented a set of tools to automatically create packages directly from
    information in the source repository and manage the testing and deployment of said packages.
  - Designed and implemented a full web interface that allows package builds, management
    of custom Linux distributions, and full monitoring and control of installed systems.
  - Designed and implemented a set of tools to provide fully automated configuration
    of F5 Networks BIG-IP load balancing systems.
  - Conceived, designed, and implemented a customized proxy server that the development
    and sales teams used to dynamically modify any web site to work with the Proficient
    product for sales demonstrations and product testing.
  TogetherWeb Inc, Atlanta, GA - 1999 to 2002
  Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
  - Primary responsibility was to manage the engineering of our core product which required
    people management, software design, product management, project management, and technical hiring.
  - Managed the design and architecture of a complex client/server collaborative web browsing
    application, including network communication, server architecture, database schema, etc.
  - Designed and led implementation of the server side of the collaborative web browsing
  - Designed and led implementation of a fully self-contained Linux-based internet appliance.
  - Substantial experience in explaining technical ideas to internal management, investors, and
    potential customers (in a sales engineer role).
  - Designed and implemented the production and development server clusters. Hired and managed
    the support team.
  - Responsible for a budget of approximately $1,000,000 per year.
  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Chicago, IL - 1999 to 2000
  Software Engineering Consultant
  - Designed and implemented a suite of tools used to administer
    and monitor thousands of Linux machines at the facility.
  Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, GA - 1996 to 2000
  Software Engineer / Systems Administrator
  - Part of a team that designed and wrote electronics warfare systems for the C-130 using Ada
    on VxWorks. Created a 1553-bus device simulator and logger in C on an embedded processor.
  - Lead administrator of 25 Unix machines ranging from Linux to Solaris to AIX. These machines
    provide mail, DNS, NIS, print service, file sharing (NFS and Samba), network backup, and
    computational power for over 200 employees.
  - Automated almost all of the system administration tasks across the machines using a custom
    set of administration tools.
Computing Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, AIX, HP-UX, Windows
Experience Programming/Scripting Languages: C/C++, Java, Perl, Bash, Visual Basic
  UNIX-Specific Skills: NFS, NIS, BIND, Samba, Sendmail, Apache, CVS, SSH, and many others
  Networking Skills: Cisco, Firewalls, Load-Balancing, DHCP, DNS, high-availability, F5 BIG-IP
  Database Skills: SQL, Oracle Admin & Development, Pro*C, PL/SQL, MySQL Admin & Development
  Web-Specific Skills: PHP, CGI, mod_perl, Mason, JavaScript, DHTML, Apache
  Embedded Systems: PIC Microcontroller (Assembly & C), VxWorks real-time OS
  Other Skills: ITIL, RUP, UML, DocBook/XML, LATEX, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project
Education Georgia Institute of Technology, GPA: 3.31 (with honors)
  Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, August 2001
  Arizona State University, GPA: 4.0
  Masters of Business Administration, May 2010 (estimated)
  Red Hat Certified Engineer, September 2005
  VMware ESX Management Training, June 2006
  Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management Training, June 2006

Kirk Bauer 2009-03-06